Hospital Management Strengthening Program (HMSP) in Nepal

Hospital Management Strengthening Program (HMSP)
There are a number of specific standards, guidelines and tools developed to address the need to improve and strengthen the government hospitals of Nepal. Some of them provide the infrastructure standards while others focus on specific technical competencies of the service providers. This checklist for Minimum Service Standards for District Hospital has been developed to bring together all the previous standards, guidelines, tools and other documents that are related to the quality of hospital services. Some hospitals that are practising at the desired level of management practices were also observed to prepare this checklist. Moreover,  some additional criterions have been added in order make it more contemporary and practical. This checklist intends to focus more on ‘service standards’ that expects to demand the resources including human, infrastructure, and supply is required to establish a hospital fulfilling the ‘Minimum Service Standards’.

There are eight sections in this checklist;
1. Governance
2. Organizational Management
3. Human Resources Management
4. Financial Management
5. Information Management
6. Quality Management
7. Clinical Management
8. Hospital Support Services Management

In the Clinical Management, there are eleven sub-sections;
7.1. OPD
7.2. Emergency Service
7.3. Pharmacy
7.4. Clinical Laboratory
7.5. Nursing/inpatient Services
7.6. Maternity Services
7.7. Dressing and Injections, Routine Procedures
7.8. Surgical Services
7.9. Anesthesia Services
7.10. Diagnostic Services
7.11. Specialized Services

In the Hospital Support Services, there are eleven sub-sections;
8.1. CSSD
8.2. Laundry
8.3. Housekeeping
8.4. Repair & Maintenance
8.5. Hospital Waste Management
8.6. Power System
8.7. Safety and Security
8.8. Transportation and Communication
8.9. Hospital Medical Store
8.10. Hospital Canteen
8.11. Information, Education and Communication (IEC)

How to Use This Checklist
Since this checklist is developed to measure the existing situation of the hospital against
the standards, it will help you to understand the gaps and make a plan to fulfill those gaps
in order for your hospital to achieve the desired standard.

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