Master in Health Care Management Curriculum

MHCM Curriculum

Master in Health Care Management (MHCM) Curriculum

Pokhara University

The program aims at developing trained professionals with requisite skills in planning and management techniques, identifying and solving management problems, and acquiring consultancy skills in the healthcare sector. Besides that, the program aims to prepare dynamic healthcare managers to manage hospitals and healthcare institutions in developing countries, like Nepal, for addressing the rising demand for quality care. Especially, the program aims, among others to:
  • Prepare students to upgrade their professional level managerial position to specialized professional career in Healthcare (Health and Hospital) Management.
  • Prepare students to take positions as chief of the hospitals, health projects, and largescale healthcare organizations.

The MHCM program is a two-year program structured in four semesters. A student needs to complete 60 credit hours of course work, thesis and internship for graduation. Besides lectures, the classes are facilitated by case studies, group discussions, project assignments, field visits, and other teaching methods. The medium of instruction and examination for this program will be English, and a student is expected to have good English language proficiency with acceptable communication skills.

The MHCM students are required to complete 15 courses, Internship, and Thesis work. The courses consist of five core courses (equivalent to 15 credit hours), seven professional courses (equivalent to 21 credit hour), and three elective courses (equivalent to 9 credit hours). Students are required to attend classes in the college and take written examinations conducted by the A controller of Examination, PU to be held at the end of every semester.

Core Courses (5*3 = 15 Credits)

MGT 521 Health Care Organization& Management
HEM 551 Research Methodology in Health Care
HEM 512 Health Economics
MGT 561 HRD and Organization Development in Health Care
HEM 541 Information Technology in Healthcare System

 Professional Courses (7*3 = 21 Credits)

MGT 611 Health Financing and Insurance
HOM 511 Hospital Service Management
HEM 511 Public Health Program Management
HOM 551 Quality Management in Healthcare Organization
MGT 612 Healthcare Marketing
HEM 611 Strategic Health Care Management
HEM 552 Health Care Evaluation

Elective Courses (3*3 = 9 Credits)

Elective I (1 course of 3.0 credits)
HEM 591 Health Environment
HEM 542 Health Communication
HEM 543 Health System and Policy
Elective II (1 course of 3.0 credits)
HOM 591 Safety and Disaster management
HEM 592 Health Project Management
HEM 593 Independent Research /Study on selected topic
Elective III (1 course of 3.0 credits)
MGT 641 Leadership and Good Governance
HEM 641 Recent Development in Healthcare
HEM 642 Epidemiology and Bio-statistics
HOM 611 Logistic and Supply Chain Management

HEM 691 Thesis 9 Credits

HOM 691 Internship/Practicum 6 Credits 

In Nepal till now there is only National Open College, Sanepa, Lalitpur is affilated from Pokhara University for this MHCM Program.  For more details about college visit

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