Classification of Hospitals

The hospital can be classified in any of the following ways;

A. According to the type of services provided
B  According to the size or number of beds
C.  According to ownership

A.  According to the type of services provided

1. General  hospital

These are the type of hospitals where different specialist services are provided to both adult and children under the same roof including Medical, Surgery, Pediatrics Gynae & Obs., Cardiology, Dermatology, Orthopedic and Ophthalmology etc.

2. Special  hospitals

These hospitals deal with the specific category of diseases
e.g. Tilganga Eye hospital, Nepal orthopaedic hospital, kidney centre;

or specific group of people e.g. Kanti children hospital, maternity hospital; or specific disease e.g. T.B Centre, Leprosy Centre

B. According to the size or number of beds

1. Teaching  hospital 

These hospitals have more than 500 beds. They are attached to medical colleges and have all types of specialities and sub specialities e.g. radiotherapy, neurosurgery. 

2. District  Hospitals 

Provide about fifteen specialities including Medical, Surgery, Gynae & Obs. , ENT, Eye, anaesthesia and dermatology and have a range of beds from 100-600.

3. Rural  Hospital

It has the capacity of 20 – 100 beds. It provides medical, surgical & obstetrical care only.

C. According to ownership 

1. Public Hospital

These hospitals are owned and managed by government and/or autonomous bodies e.g. Civil Hospital, Sargodha, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, National Institute of Child Health etc.

2. Private Hospital

Owned by private people or entrepreneur.

3. Non-Governmental Hospital

4. Co-operative Hospital

Muhammad Irfanullah Siddiqui/Umm Al-Qura University/Hospital Administration and Management

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