Health Care Management and Health Care Managers

Health Care Management 

Health care management describes the leadership and general management of hospitals, hospital networks, and/or health care systems. Health care management ensures that specific outcomes are attained, that departments within a health facility are running smoothly, that the right people are in the right jobs that people know what is expected of them, that resources are used efficiently and that all departments are working towards a common goal. Some of the hospital services are ineffective with the poor management as well as inadequate resources, unavailability and unmanaged of effective Human Resource, so the proper management is necessary to address problem related to hospital or health care institutions.

Health Care Managers


"Hospital is defined as an integral part of social and medical organization, the function of which is to provide for the population complete health care, both curative and preventive and whose out patients services reach out to the family in its home environment; the hospital is also a center for a training of health workers and bio-social research" WHO (1951) .

Health Care Managers

Health care manager should be able to manage using acceptable methods and technology which will be accessible to all individuals and families in a local community and in the nation. The cost of health care institution will be affordable so that the services provided through it will cover all the needy people. The major task before hospital management is to provide better patient care and then to obtain maximum output from minimum input of the resources.

Health care manager should focus on following tasks

  • Determination of goals and objectives
  • Facility and Program Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Inter and Intra Departmental Co-ordination
  • Program review and evaluation
  •  Health industry activity
  • Government-related activities
  • Educational Development

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